Alexa, 17, cystic fibrosis

I wish to go to Paris

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Alexa is a 17-year-old girl who loves photography, listening to music and being around people that make her laugh. She also really enjoys experiencing new cultures and traveling to places she hasn’t been before, which ultimately served as the inspiration for her wish to visit a city rich in both history and culture.

As soon as Alexa arrived in Paris, she couldn’t wait to experience all that this magical city had to offer. She rode a double-decker bus around the city to see things like Moulin Rouge and the Notre Dame Cathedral. She took a tour to Versailles from Paris and saw incredible works of art at the Louvre Museum. The opportunities for her to pull out her camera and capture great photos were endless, but some of her best photos came about when she had an opportunity to go to an Eiffel Tower dinner and a cruise along the Seine River.

After the trip, Alexa’s mom stated, “We had an amazing time and Alexa enjoyed every minute. The things we saw were breathtaking, and the people we met along the way we will forever cherish! This was an amazing opportunity, and we can’t thank you enough for it.”

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