Alex, 17, congenital heart condition

I wish to have digital music equipment

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Alex has a passion for writing and producing music and wants to become a sound engineer or music producer someday. He hopes his unique wish to have digital music equipment would help propel him into his dream career of making music. Alex was born with a hole between the upper chambers of his heart, which has led to multiple heart surgeries. He also has a condition that left him legally blind.

So, for Alex, music is his escape and a way to express himself. Thanks to supporters like you, Alex’s first step in making music came true. He received a computer, headphones, keyboard, monitor, speakers, sound engineering programs and a screen reader for visual assistance.

During his wish party at a local electronics store, an employee who also produces music gave him a lesson on how to work the program. Then, Alex tried it out himself in front of his friends and family. This was an amazing wish that Alex and his family will never forget.

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