Adam, 14, neurologic disorder

I wish to go to the aquarium and the San Diego Zoo. 


 IMG_7310Wish kid Adam has always had a deep love of animals. He spends much of his time learning about them and would love to be a veterinarian when he’s older. When Adam found out he was eligible for a wish, he knew he wanted to spend it learning about animals and enjoying time with his family and wished to go to a sea life aquarium and the San Diego Zoo.  

During Adam’s adventure to San Diego, he felt like a king in a suite at his hotel, which had breathtaking views of the city on one side and the San Diego Bay on the other. Adam and his family’s first stop during the Make-A-Wish® trip was a visit to a sea life aquarium. They spent the afternoon learning about the marine animals, petting sharks, feeding sea turtles and exploring the exhibits.  He especially loved learning about the dolphins and seeing them perform. Adam thought the day couldn’t get any better, until the moment he got to swim with a dolphin. His smile stretched from ear-to-ear as he rode on the dolphin’s fin and then ended the day dancing together in the water.

After resting up from the excitement of the aquarium, the family spent the next two days at the San Diego Zoo. The family loved learning about the rhinos, gorillas, giraffes, lions, elephants and a cheetah. For Adam, the most exciting moment was meeting Gao Gao, a male panda who had been rescued from China. Adam and his family spent over an hour visiting with the pandas and Adam even got to feed him bamboo.

The wish trip allowed the family time to put medical problems aside and enjoy life together. It brought hours of laughter and memories that will last a lifetime.

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