Abigail, 12, liver transplant

I wish to go to Hawaii

Ocie, wish kid

Abigail is an adventurous and fun-loving 12-year-old girl who loves creating art, cooking, and baking! Despite having a liver transplant at a young age, she continues to live life to the fullest! 

The most important thing to Abigail is adventure! She loves the outdoors, especially when she gets to ride her bike or scooter. Some of Abigail’s favorite childhood memories involve traveling to new places with her family. She loves to explore and experience new cultures.

When asked by Make-A-Wish® volunteers what her most heartfelt wish would be, it was no surprise when she said, “I wish to go to Hawaii!” Abigail always dreamed of exploring Hawaiian beaches and volcanoes. She hoped for a chance to learn about the culture and traditional dances of Hawaii.  

During her wish trip, Abigail and her family had an incredible time exploring Hawaii together. They visited historical museums, cultural centers, and water parks.  Abigail’s dream to learn the culture and traditional dances of Hawaii came true when she and her family attended a Hawaiian luau!

Abigail and her family are extremely thankful for all the hard work put forth to make her wish possible. It was an experience she will never forget! Abigail’s memories will last a lifetime and it truly was a dream come true for her and her family.

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