Kyra, 12, cancer

I wish to go to Paris

Kyra has been fascinated with Paris since she was three when her parents began reading her books about France. Over the last few years, Kyra had started to research Paris on her own thanks to her favorite show, Monster High. So when she was asked what she would want for her wish, there was no doubt she wanted to see Paris!

Thanks to Make-A-Wish®, Kyra’s one true wish to go to Paris came true! Kyra and her family were greeted at the airport and spent the next seven days visiting Kyra’s must-see list starting with the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. Next, they walked through the Catacombs, visited the Eiffel Tower at night and even spent a day at a theme park.  Kyra ate breakfast at a Parisian bakery and bought some authentic French macaroons! Her family enjoyed a day cruise on the Seine River and a trip to Jim Morrison’s burial site.

Kyra said, “My favorite part of the wish trip was the Eiffel Tower at night. It was so beautiful. Thank you Make-A-Wish!”  Kyra’s mother remarked the trip was “more than she expected.”

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