4 Ways to Help Your Local Food Bank

hunger monthTens of thousands of families, especially as we get closer to the holidays, rely on their local Food Banks for wholesome meals. So, it’s not too early to start going through your supplies for “healthy” canned goods to donate, or even make a special trip to the grocery store for your local Food Bank. 

Unfortunately, many families can’t afford to eat every day. In fact, according to Feeding America1 in 8 Americans struggles with hunger. Our nation’s Food Banks provide nutritious meals for families who otherwise couldn’t afford to buy groceries much less have a holiday meal like you and I do. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that Food Banks, along with other services providing meals to the public, distribute more than 2.5 billion pounds of food each year, and always need as much help as they can get. Here’s how you can contribute.

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How You Can Help Your Local Food Bank
You can find your local Food Bank on the Feeding America website. It has a directory of all the Food Banks in the United States. There are many ways you can help year round and especially now as we approach the holidays:

  1. You don’t have to donate just food, either. Consider donating your time to your local Food Bank. Many need help with stocking, collecting donations, and handing out food. 

  2. It’s a good idea to call ahead before making a food donation to learn about possible restrictions. Also, some may have a list of items they need. Most Food Banks will accept non-perishable items, like canned food, pasta, and rice; you can drop off these items at any time. Contact the Food Bank if you want to donate fresh produce or meat. 

  3. Food Banks are always willing to take monetary donations, as well.

  4. Use your free Prescription Discount Card benefitting one of our Food Bank partners.  Every time you save on a prescription, we make a donation to the organization. To date, our card has helped provide over 3 million meals. By simply saving money on your Rx, you can help that number grow. 

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Together, we can help end hunger in America. By making a donation of food, time, or money, you give families in need access to healthy and nutritious food that they otherwise couldn’t afford. To get a free Prescription Discount Card that can cut the cost of your prescriptions while benefitting your local Food Bank, visit: WatertreeHealthCard.com/Food-Bank

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Updated: 8/29/19

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