4 Tips To Keep Up New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year 2019

Many of us use January to reflect on the past and prepare for the future. Often, we will make resolutions to become better versions of ourselves.We might decide to quit smoking, eating too much or change other bad habits. But it’s incredibly difficult to do this. So, we’d like to share some tips that may help you. 

1. Change your routines.

Bad habits are human nature. They’re formed by routines that navigate our day so we don’t need to actively think about every detail of our lives constantly. For instance, if you make a habit of taking the stairs instead of the elevators at work, you’ll eventually just do so without a second thought.

2. Figure out why you have these bad habits.

Understand why you engage in bad habits. Do you eat because you’re bored? Anxious? Do you spend too much money on things you don’t need? When you have an understanding of why you make certain choices, you will be better prepared to make meaningful changes. Confronting underlying problems can be painful, but it’s essential. Don’t distract yourself from the real issues by doing things like drinking too much alcohol or spending too much time playing video games.

3. Get support from others.

Find people in your life who can help you be accountable to your New Year’s resolutions. Having a good network to cheer you on as you work on your goals keeps you incentivized and focused on reaching your goals. They’ll be able to suggest positive habits to replace bad ones. Also, maybe you’ll learn that you love snacking on carrots with an exercise group instead of taking smoke breaks.

4. Use tools to keep you on track.

Notes to yourself can be a great reminder of promises you’ve made to yourself. Tape a note to the bathroom mirror to prompt yourself to smile more. Set an alarm in your office calendar to schedule a stretch session before lunchtime. Consider the jar visual http://ht.ly/WoPwu to easily see and track your progress. Time Magazine has also compiled a list of 25 Websites That Will Help You Stick to Your Resolution http://ht.ly/WqsNf.

Good luck and don’t rush it. Bad habits are difficult to break. Studies have reported that most people take approximately three months to change their behavior, and individual results may vary depending on other circumstances such as additional stressors and natural personality. Don’t let a minor slip up deter you from your goals. You can do it!

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