Congratulations 2020 President’s Club Members!

PC logoBy Shane Power, President of Watertree Health

The Watertree Health® President’s Club (PC) is made up of the top talent and leaders in our company. We set up this program to recognize our Representatives who have achieved remarkable script productivity through their dedication and passion for our mission to help people afford their medications. This year, the PC members were rewarded with a 4-day trip to the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Maarten to say “thank you” and give back to the Representatives what they have given to Make-A-Wish®, the ASPCA®, the Food Banks, and their communities.

On the first night at the Sonesta Resort®, we gathered for a beautiful ocean-side dinner on the pool deck. Seeing everyone get together for the first time is always exciting—the bonds we’ve developed over the phone and email are strengthened by hugs, stories, and laughs. After dinner, many of us went to watch the Super Bowl® on a huge projector screen at the Casino on the resort. Afterwards, some people tried their luck at poker, and many went home with some extra cash!

Throughout the 4 days, the team had a chance to mingle at the resort, spend time together relaxing in the sun, and also experience some adventure. On the second day, we took ATVs and dune buggies around the entire perimeter of the island. We stopped to swim and have lunch at beautiful beaches and saw scurrying iguanas along the way. Other optional activities included a food tour to experience local cuisines, a perfume making class, and golf.

We were lucky to have beautiful weather and even better company. I’m grateful to have such an amazing, committed team of people who want to do good and spread health within their communities. After this trip, we all feel even more connected, inspired, and motivated as a team to serve the millions of people in need across the nation.

Congratulations and thank you to the President’s Club of 2020—we appreciate all you do: Scott, Sharon, T.J., Elaine, Derek, Jane, Michelle, Charlie, Shannon, Midge, Mercy, Angela, Dena, Ann, James, Brian, Carey, John, Kevin, Maureen, Shelley, Brian.

Team having lunch at the beach
PC members gather for a photo on the stairs

Blood Pressure Medications: Which Are Safe to Use?

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health

Many people have been alarmed by the FDA’s recall on popular blood pressure medications this past April. It’s estimated that 2 million people were dispensed drugs tainted with carcinogenic impurities. Research shows that some of these contaminants are also linked to liver and blood cell damage. Please note that taking your blood pressure medication is important and it is recommended that you should not abruptly stop taking your pills without consulting your doctor first.

The FDA “Safe List”

Thankfully, the FDA has published a “Safe List”, an assessment that marks the safety of over 400 medications prescribed for blood pressure. Each drug was tested for any impurities, and once cleared, the medication was approved for safe usage.

What Medications Were Recalled?

Generic drugs prescribed for high blood pressure including valsartan, losartan, and irbesartan in different variations and produced from different manufacturers. In 2016, 60 million prescriptions were written for losartan, 14 million for valsartan, and about 3.6 million for irbesartan.

What is the Actual Risk?

The FDA found that the actual risk to patients is very small. For example, the estimate is that out of 8,000 individuals taking the highest daily dose of valsartan (320 mg) for four years, there will be only one additional cancer case beyond the average cancer risk.

Why Were So Many Drugs Recalled?

The FDA is still investigating how these drugs were contaminated. Inspectors believe it was a byproduct of a chemical reaction. A common thread amongst all of these recalls is that the drugs’ ingredients were all made internationally. According to the Government Accountability Office, about 40% of medications are made overseas because outsourcing the manufacturing keeps costs low.

What Should Patients Do?

If you’re currently prescribed a blood pressure medication not included on the FDA’s contaminant-free list, make an appointment with your doctor at your earliest convenience. To ensure your safety, your doctor will determine what alternatives are right for you. Interrupting your medication regimen is never recommended.  
If you or someone you know is currently taking any blood pressure medication, share this article and the “Safety List” with them. The more that people are informed the less likely they will come in contact with potentially harmful medications.