Ways to Fight Back Against Hunger

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health

Imagine being a child and waking up excited for school, only to come to the realization that you’ll have to go hungry because your family is one of the many food-insecure households in the United States. Out of the 40 million Americans struggling with hunger, 12 million are children. Unfortunately, there are more food-insecure households with children than there are without. This means millions of children are filling up classrooms with high hopes and empty stomachs.

We often say that children are the future, but without nutritious meals, the future may not be as bright as we anticipate. There is good news–we can help change that. With a generous heart and an open mind, we can help alter the lives of others by making more meals available. Here are a few ways we can help fight back against hunger.

1. Volunteer at a food bank.

Helping out at your local food bank is a great way to advocate for those who are food-insecure. These organizations can always use the help of volunteers to source, sort, and organize food in their pantries. Dedicating time to a food bank can help them keep food accessible to those who may need it.

2. Start a food drive.

Ask friends, family, and people in your neighborhood to participate in a food drive. By collecting and donating canned goods and other non-perishable foods like dry beans and oatmeal, you’ll be adding to the supply of a food bank or local shelter. More food in a food bank means more food they can provide.

3. Raise donations by holding a food sale.

Making a donation is great, but why not involve those in your community? You can organize a group to cook fresh meals in exchange for a donation. Not only will you be directly providing meals that people can enjoy, but the money you raise can also help food banks continue catering to those in need.

It may not be obvious who is struggling to find meals, but the reality is, millions go hungry every day. You can help change the lives of those who are affected. You can encourage people
around you to give back to food banks using one of the methods noted above. The fight against hunger can be challenging, but there’s so much we can do. I hope I’ve inspired you to take action. 

Updated: 10/24/18