Thank You Card Holders for Making 2017 a Great Year

At Watertree Health, we love our community-based nonprofit partners for the amazing work they do, and you for helping support them. Thank you for using our card benefitting children with critical illnesses, animals who are suffering, people who don’t have enough to eat, and individuals who may be at risk or have kidney disease. You are not only making a difference in your community, but also touching the lives of individuals who need our help. And, we hope you’ve enjoyed the savings!

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the continued success of our partner programs without you. Here are some of our 2017 nonprofit highlights, made possible by your support!


  • Watertree Health participated in the Make-A-Wish® Mississippi March Madness challenge for the second year. We donated $6,500 to grant a wish, and helped them achieve their total goal of $30,000.



  • We launched special programs benefitting the Houston Food Bank and Feeding South Florida to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.



  • We launched a partnership with the National Kidney Foundation®, whose mission is to spread awareness, prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease.  
  • We reached a milestone of raising nearly $110,000 in donations to-date for the ASPCA® to help them fight animal cruelty in the United States.

You are not only making a difference in your community but also touching the lives of individuals who need our help. And, we hope you’ve enjoyed the savings!

Nonprofits Need Our Help Now More Than Ever

By Shane Power, President and Ceci West, Chief Marketing and Purpose Officer of Watertree Health

After reading the Los Angeles Times article “The GOP tax reform will devastate Charitable Giving”, we were alarmed.  As the author, Bryan McQueeney stated in his article, “The reward for giving will go down and the cost of giving will go up.” He pointed out that nonprofits will potentially lose up to 24 billion dollars in donations each year due to the new tax plan taking effect. As a result, the extraordinary work done by nonprofits to help those in need is now possibly in jeopardy.   

Here’s how the new tax plan affects nonprofits:

It doubles the standard deductions available for both individuals and couples, which means people may no longer itemize their deductions—in the past, that included charity donations. Unfortunately, people may think twice about donating to a charity because there is no longer the tax incentive. Also, in some states, the deductions for real estate taxes, state and local income taxes, and mortgage interest have been significantly lowered. This may result in less discretionary income being available to donate to nonprofits.

Charities have been the superheroes of our society for hundreds of years by tackling issues not generally addressed by the government. By helping our veterans, giving shelter to the homeless, providing health care to children, and numerous other causes, nonprofits have accomplished outstanding goals and have helped millions of people. Fewer donations mean less people charities can help.

At Watertree Health, we are proud to be active servant leaders in our communities. It has been a phenomenal experience partnering up with Make-A-Wish® to help grant the wishes of children with critical illnesses. The same can be said when we’re assisting animals in need through our program benefitting the ASPCA® as well as feeding food insecure families through our 15 regional food bank partners. We try to do our part, but nonprofits need your help as well.   

Together we can ensure that the amazing work done by nonprofits not only continues but grows. Your donations matter now more than ever.

What we do in 2018 will have a lasting effect on what can or can’t be done moving forward into 2019 and beyond.

Please continue to give with your heart and not your head.

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I wish to have a computer gaming system


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I wish to swim with dolphins at the Atlantis Resort