“Thank You For What You Do!”

Published in Houston Food Bank’s “Generous Helpings

“A lot of kids are suffering, but they have too much pride to say, ‘I don’t have any food,’” explains John Robinson, club director at Finnigan Park Boys & Girls Club.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.03.12 PMChildhood hunger is a painful reality that he sees too often. Thanks to your gifts to the Houston Food Bank, John also sees a better reality — one that fills him with hope for the future.

That’s because this summer, the Kids Cafe at Finnigan Park Boys & Girls Club will provide a hot, well-balanced meal, nutritious snack and enriching activities for nearly 200children and teenagers in need each day.

The program runs year-round to make up for the meals the kids aren’t receiving in their school’s cafeteria — whether it’s during the day in the summer or in the evenings throughout the school year. Because most of the children John and his team serve have difficult home lives, John knows they can’t always rely on their parents to provide food.

“When the kids go home, there’s nothing there,” he says.

John says the children love the meals they receive — and understandably so. He estimates that for about 30% of the children in the club, the food they receive at the Kids Cafe is all they eat, aside from the meals they eat at school during the school year. That means that during the summer, ensuring these children can enjoy a well-balanced meal is more important than ever.

Your gifts to the Houston Food Bank are vital to the growth and success of the children who visit this Kids Cafe. John says that without the generosity that keeps the Food Bank providing food to partner agencies like his, they simply wouldn’t be able to feed as many children as they do each day.

“Thank you for what you do,” John says of your generosity. “We really appreciate it here at Finnigan.”

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