Alicia, 17

I wish to go to Paris

Alicia4When Make-A-Wish volunteer wish granters visited Alicia and asked what her one true wish was, she immediately shared with them her deepest desire to go to Paris. Alicia imagined seeing the Eiffel Tower, touring the city and soaking in the French culture.

Alicia’s Paris trip was scheduled for April 2013; however, she had a medical set back that required postponing her trip. It was a difficult time for Alicia having to wait over a year for her wish to be granted, but knowing that she would see Paris in the future helped her get through the long wait! Once her physician gave the clearance for her to go, the trip was on again and plans were quickly made to reschedule the wish!

Alicia, her parents and younger brother were taken to the airport in a limousine where they boarded a flight to Paris, France. Her wish was finally coming true and Alicia was ecstatic. She saw all the beautiful sights in Paris including the Eiffel Tower, Musée Grévin (wax museum) and the Louvre. Alicia said she had the time of her life and that it was an amazing experience she will never forget. Paris was as beautiful as she imagined and more. Her mother said they all had a great time, but just watching her daughter smile and really enjoy herself was the best part of the trip for her. Alicia hopes that one day she can help grant the wishes of other children and hopes to even move to Paris for a year!

Joel, 8

I wish to see snow

JoelJoel is an eight-year-old boy who loves to play outside and hang out with his friends. He had never seen snow, so when asked what his one wish was it was to see snow and go snowboarding! 

Joel and his family had a fun and fully packed schedule when they got to Vermont. Joel was able to go out and play in the snow along with learning how to snowboard! He loved getting to slide down the slopes! Joel and his family also partook in a hot chocolate tasting class, where they were able to taste all different kinds of hot chocolate. On his third snowy day, Joel was able to go on a very special tour in the Cat Trax Groomer to see the torchlight parade and fireworks from the mountain of the resort!

Joel had a fantastic time seeing snow, getting to play and snowboard while in Vermont! The entire family had an amazing trip and will have memories to last a lifetime!

Cat, 11

I wish to have a puppy

Cat06Cat is a bright and happy young girl who always has a smile. Despite the challenges of having cancer and learning to walk with a prosthetic leg, she has a very positive outlook. Her wish for a puppy came true on May 25th.

After doing some research, Cat decided she wanted a standard poodle, known for their obedient and friendly demeanor. Cat specifically wanted a female with black fur and chose the name Scarlet.

A reputable breeder had two puppies for Cat to meet. At about five months old, the puppies were full of energy! One wore a green collar and the other a purple collar. Of course, she loved them both. However, Cat felt a connection with one as each had their own personality. The “Green Collar Girl” was selected and the whole family was in love!

Cat’s puppy wish was officially presented the weekend after school let out for the summer. Her family was excited for Cat to spend the summer break learning how to care for her new puppy. Her special wish day began with a stretch limousine ride to Petland. The staff greeted Cat and her family with cheers as they entered the store. A beautiful table was set up with balloons and Cat’s favorite snacks, red velvet cupcakes, cookies and old fashioned Coca Cola soda bottles.

Now it was time to shop! The knowledgeable staff took Cat and Scarlet down each aisle and helped her pick out toys, grooming products and all of the essentials for a new puppy. After a full day the family expressed their appreciation and said farewell as they drove off with the newest member of their family.MAWF--Primary-Logo-PMS293-2

Ryleigh, 4

I wish to go to the Florida theme parks

UntitledFour-year-old Ryleigh may look like her triplet sisters, but her tastes are different. Ryleigh loves ponies, unicorns and almost any other fairytale character. Her favorite color is pink.

Like one of her sisters, Ryleigh is battling leukemia on top of trying to conquer preschool. Her wish was to enjoy a week with her family meeting all of her favorite characters at the theme parks in Florida.

Thank you to Watertree Health for helping to make Ryleigh’s wish come true. For one week, Ryleigh escaped the life of a cancer patient and was able to be a four-year-old girl who met all of her favorite characters, ate endless amounts of ice cream and grew a smile from ear to ear that lasted all seven days.

Simon, 14

I wish to go to New Zealand to visit my favorite movie sets

UntitledFourteen-year-old Simon loves all fantasy books and movies! He loves them so much that when asked what he would wish for, Simon immediately said a trip to New Zealand to see where some of his favorite movies were filmed. Simon is battling an aggressive type of cancer, which has replaced his teenage years of socials and school activities with endless doctor appointments and surgeries. Simon, who has always had a passion for Sci-Fi movies, couldn’t wait to see his first movie set in real life.

With the help of Watertree Health, Simon’s wish to go to New Zealand to explore these sets came true! Simon and his family spent over a week exploring almost all of New Zealand. They experienced Hot Water Beach, where Simon dug out his very own hot tub in the sand, got adventurous with some white-water rafting, caught a wave surfing and hiked around Mount Dome. But Simon’s favorite part of his wish was the tour of the movie sets!

Elizabeth, 16

I wish to go to Hawaii

surfingWhat’s an eight hour flight when the destination is Hawaii for an entire week? For wish kid Elizabeth, 16, the flight was the longest part of the wish trip, but once she arrived, the week flew by in a whirlwind of activities and experiences.

“It was my first trip so far away so I was a little nervous and scared,” said Elizabeth. “I just wanted to get there already!”

According to Elizabeth she wished to go to Hawaii so she could spend time with her family and experience a scene different then the desert landscape in which she grew up.

With so much to see and do, Elizabeth and her family woke up bright and early each day to visit Hawaii’s famous volcanoes and beaches. They toured the island, experiencing everything they could to make sure the wish was everything Elizabeth wanted and more.

In addition to spending quality time with her family instead of hospitals and doctors, Elizabeth was able to do two firsts: swimming with dolphins, and learning to surf.

Though it was her first time on a surfboard, it wasn’t long before Elizabeth mastered the art. “It was my first time surfing and the instructor said I was really good,” said Elizabeth.

The family also took a trip to see the memorial of Pearl Harbor. “We just started learning about World War II in school,” said Elizabeth. “It was really sad, knowing what had happened there, but it reminded me that we should always be grateful for what we have.”

“It’s kind of hard to pick what was the best part just because there was so much I did and saw,” said Elizabeth. “The whole wish experience was more than what I had imagined.”


Dustin, 6

I wish to go to the Florida theme parks

dustinDustin has always wanted to go to the Florida theme parks to meet his favorite characters. With the help of Watertree Health, his wish came true. Dustin and his family spent a week creating priceless memories together.

Dustin’s trip began with a limo ride to the airport. When the family arrived in Florida, there was a welcome sign waiting for them. His vacation was packed with fun and activities; he explored jungles full of life-size dinosaurs, met some of his favorite characters, and saw exotic animals. Each experience made memories that Dustin will never forget.

At one theme park, Dustin exclaimed, “I got to choose my own special wand that was just mine.” Yet, even having his own wand could not compete with the rides and ice cream. Dustin’s favorite ride of the entire trip was a 3-D simulation that made him feel like a character in one of his favorite movies. After the ride, he visited an ice cream parlor. “I got to eat so much ice cream!” he said.

Dustin and his family had fun both day and night. One evening, the family attended a live show, and Dustin was asked to play a part as the characters danced down the aisles! “Dustin could not say no to that opportunity,” said Michelle, Dustin’s mom.

Throughout his week of fun, Dustin met many of his favorite cartoon characters and became a part of their magical world. Thank you for helping to make Dustin’s wish come true!

Connor, 17

I wish to go to Ireland

Connor04Connor is a 17-year-old girl whose greatest wish was to visit Ireland. She chose this very special wish because her family heritage is rooted in Ireland. Her great grandfather was a descendent of Irish immigrants. Connor wanted to discover their lives, memories and family treasures.

On August 22nd, her wish began with a stretch limousine ride to the airport with her parents. Upon arrival to Dublin, they were greeted by a Make-A-Wish Ireland representative who warmly welcomed the family. While in Dublin, Connor and her family stayed at the beautiful Bewley’s Hotel Ballsbridge. More than a bed and breakfast, this was a castle!

Connor had many adventures while in Ireland. The first few days of Connor’s wish included the Dublin Bus tour for an overview of the city and Stephen’s Green. “The Green” is a lush open square where ducks can be fed at the lake and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was also imperative that Connor and her family attend the 20th Anniversary of Riverdance and experience traditional Irish dancing! One of Connor’s favorite moments was visiting County Kerry, which includes some of Ireland’s most awe-inspiring landscapes. Connor loves the movie ‘Far and Away’ and always wanted to see where it was filmed.

Connor also celebrated her birthday while in Ireland. On the day of her birthday, Connor and her family enjoyed a one hour beach ride on horses along the coast in Kerry. On the family’s last day in Ireland, they had a reservation for a day tour of the gap of Dunloe. The gap of Dunloe is one of the most stunning parts of Ireland. With these beautiful landscapes in mind, Connor and her family left Ireland with memories that will last a lifetime.

Mackenzie, 12

I wish to go to Hawaii

mackenzieMackenzie loves learning about the history of Pearl Harbor and snorkeling in the ocean so when Mackenzie was told that she could have one wish granted, she chose to go to Hawaii with her family!

She and her family flew into Honolulu on June 11th where they stayed at a hotel right on the beach, surrounded by several yummy restaurants and places to go shopping! While in Hawaii, Mackenzie and her family visited Pearl Harbor where they learned more about the USS Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri and walked through the Pacific Aviation Museum. She also went to the Honolulu Zoo where she and her family fed giraffes their lunch!

A highlight of Mackenzie’s wish was going on a Hawaiian Surf Adventure Canoe Eco Tour! While on the Eco Tour, they learned how to paddle in a double-hull Hawaiian canoe while hearing about Hawaiian history, geography, folklore, Diamondhead and the majestic cliff-line of Koko Head Crater. Mackenzie also got to see a true Hawaiian Luau!

Exploring Hawaii and learning about its history will always be one of Mackenzie’s favorite experiences!

Nico, 3

I wish to have a sensory play set

Nico02-(1)Nico is a three-year-old little boy with a big heart and a contagious laugh. Despite losing his vision just a few months after birth, he is very adventurous and loves playing on the playground. After meeting with his wish granters it was no surprise that his wish was to have a play set of his own at his house!

On August 27th, Nicholas’s wish was granted! Once the play set was built and ready to use, Nico jumped right on it, enjoying the swing, monkey bars, slide and other fun obstacles built into his sensory play set. Nico’s little brother, Noah, joined in on the fun too! While watching Nico play, you cannot help but smile from seeing his face light up and hearing his joyous laughter. Not only was this a wish come true for Nico, it was also a wish come true for his family.