2015—A Year of Good Health

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Healthbike

Now that trees and decorations are put away, it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. However, by the third week in January, most people have abandoned their resolutions and fallen back into old habits. The most common resolutions include: quitting smoking, increasing exercise and, of course, losing weight.

Anything that improves your overall health and wellbeing is a positive life change. But just because these new healthy habits haven’t caught on by now doesn’t mean they aren’t worth pursuing.

As a former athlete, and someone running a large health and wellness company, I prefer to look at the cycle of good health that each person can undertake now at any time of the year, not just on January 1st. Sometimes small steps towards better health are more effective, and sustainable, than a giant life change.

For example, if weight loss is your goal, begin with a trip to the doctor for a physical. Make sure to rule out any underlying medical issues that could be causing you to gain weight. Then begin to make small changes daily that will pay off immensely in the long run: eating smaller portions, starting your morning with a bike ride or jog or even just taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work can make a difference. A resolution focused on fitness doesn’t mean you need to become a triathlete overnight. It’s the healthy, everyday habits that will help you achieve your goal.

Quitting smoking is another New Year’s resolution that can contribute to a cycle of good health and last a lifetime. More than ever before, physicians can offer medications, in addition to over-the-counter products, which can significantly help your efforts to kick smoking for good.

The New Year is a fantastic opportunity to examine your life and make positive changes. Focus on making 2015 a year of sustained resolutions that get you on track for better health.

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