William, 10, congenital heart defect

I wish to go to snowboarding


William2William is a 10-year-old boy who loves being outside and playing sports. It was no surprise to anyone in his family when he told Make-A-Wish® volunteers that he wished to go snowboarding. On Dec. 26, his wish came true when he and his family went to Utah.

To start off his trip, the first day William got private skiing and snowboarding lessons. After a while, he was a natural in the snow and went on to master the different slopes the mountain had to offer. William and his family then got to go on a snowmobile tour around the resort. They had so much fun getting to see all the snowy sites around Salt Lake City.

William and his family had an amazing trip that they will never forget. William already wants to go back next year and hit up the slopes. They loved getting to spend time with each other in an atmosphere unlike any other they’ve ever experienced – and the chance to forget about William’s illness for a while.

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