Weston, 14, cancer

I wish to have a gaming computer


“Weston wished to have a gaming computer and setup because he wanted something that he could enjoy for more than one day or one week (such as a trip). It’s something he can enjoy when he doesn’t feel well or can’t get around easily. Amputation of his leg has been on the table as a possibility and could still happen, so he knew that any trip he took could be affected by mobility issues or various stages of recovery from surgery. He enjoys computer games and they have helped him cope with the nightmare of the last year. He also connects with his friends over the computer, and they play games together often.

Weston is still tired most of the time, and he is just recovering from a second leg surgery to remove another tumor. He has been attending school the past couple of weeks. He can walk, but not in a normal gait and not with much speed. He has finished the normal course of treatment for osteosarcoma and has had a lung surgery to remove a metastatic growth in addition to the leg surgery.

Weston has played on the computer every day since he received his wish. Talking and video chatting with his friends over the computer is probably the brightest spot of his day. He was out of school for his entire 8th grade last year and was very isolated, so it is wonderful to see him reconnecting with friends.

The wish experience encouraged me because it reminded me that people do care about these suffering kids. It reminded me that there are kind and compassionate people in the world and in our area. It has given him something to be excited about, and before it came, he had something fun to look forward to even as his treatment dragged on and his prognosis worsened.

We feel very blessed that Weston was chosen to receive this gift. It has been wonderful to see him enjoying something special after having so much misery.”

—Weston’s mom, Jennifer

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