Special Profile: Watertree Health® Couple Helps Grant a Wish


Eric Burgess (left), Trina Burgess (right)

Since our national Prescription Assistance Program benefitting Make-A-Wish® rolled out in November 2014, it has been embraced by our “Service Reps”. We call our team “Service Reps” because they are truly servicing their communities—helping their neighbors afford their medications while also helping grant wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses in their local area.

Two very special people who have taken their commitment a step further and become wish granters are Watertree Health’s power couple, Eric and Trina Burgess.


Since the pilot program began in the Central and Northern Florida area in 2013, Eric and Trina have been major catalysts in the growth of donations and wishes. From the beginning, they have participated in local Make-A-Wish events including the chapter’s Walk For Wishes. Most recently, they deepened their dedication to Make-A-Wish by accepting the invitation to become wish granters for the Central & Northern Florida chapter. Trina shared, “We are so happy to be closer to the miracle of a wish.”

Zion and his family visit Trina and Eric at church.

Zion and his family visit Trina and Eric at church.

Last month, Eric had his first wish-granting experience with a 3-year-old boy, Zion, who wished to meet his favorite superhero. Eric jumped on the opportunity to make the wish reveal party as special and meaningful to Zion as possible.

“Seeing a child, who has such little experience in the world, yet so much experience with the fight for survival is a difficult thing to process. Zion had just done a round of chemotherapy a couple of days before the party, but on the big day, he was all smiles,” Eric said.

Eric went the extra mile for Zion and bought action figures, had a beautifully decorated cake, and hired an actor to play his favorite superhero character.

“When his idol walked in the room, Zion’s jaw dropped. He was totally surprised. Zion whispered to his mom, went upstairs, and then came back in his own costume, turning the surprise on us. Everyone was applauding and cheering,” Eric said.2

At the party, Zion and his family found out that they would be traveling to the Florida theme parks with super-charged wristbands to meet his favorite superhero.

“Now when ever I see action figures on pharmacy visits, it reminds me of Zion. It will forever be a symbol of my experience. There’s a special connection that was made and I continue to stay in touch with the family.” Eric said.

IMG_6918“A wish granted affects so many people: the child, the family, the community, and all the people who help make it possible. It’s a very powerful experience. I would encourage more Representatives to do the training and become a wish granter. It will not only make you a better Rep, but also a better person. As Jim Collins said, ‘Infuse your enterprise with some purpose that goes beyond money.’”

Trina, Director in the Southeast represents the chapters: Central & Northern Florida, Georgia, South Florida, and parts of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, & Indiana, South Carolina, Central & Western North Carolina, and Eastern North Carolina. Eric is a Rep in the Tampa area.

To date, Watertree Health has helped grant 54 wishes. Florida and Georgia territories alone represent 21 of those wishes due to Trina, Eric, & team’s efforts (highlighted in red below). Thank you Trina and Eric for all you do for Watertree Health and Make-A-Wish, on both a local and national level.

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