Watertree Health MVP Spotlight: Jeff Gruber

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DSC_0652Jeff Gruber, North Carolina native, is a husband, father, high-school basketball coach, and now a Watertree Health® MVP. In just over 10 months, he has not only shown remarkable success helping his community afford medication while supporting our Make-A-Wish® program, but has also helped Watertree Health grow as a company. He actively participates in company calls, provides tips to fellow reps, and embraces the company culture. It’s no surprise that Jeff’s a President Club member as well.

To demonstrate just how committed Jeff is to the company and our cause, he has personally recruited 9 like-minded people: his wife, his son and daughter, his sister-in-law, and a number of friends and former colleagues. As a duo, Jeff and his wife, Terry are having record-breaking days at the pharmacies and making a major difference in their community.

Eric Beaumont, Jeff’s Director says, “Jeff’s secret to success is his 100% commitment. When people talk to him, they understand the emotion and giving-attitude of Watertree Health. People want to be a part of it because they see how committed he is.”

Alongside Jeff’s dedication to the pharmacies, devotion to Make-A-Wish, and wealth of business experience, he has the personality to match. He’s a genuine, friendly, people-person who knows how to build and maintain relationships. For example, Anita Dameron (also a Watertree Health MVP) referred Jeff to our company after they had been introduced. Both of these star reps were attracted to Watertree Health’s giving culture—save money on medication and help grant wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses.

“For 30 years, I’ve craved something where I could make a difference. I’ve never seen a model like this that’s an opportunity to build income while helping people. I don’t think I’ve seen anything better. I pinch myself everyday.”

As a former college basketball player and member of NCAA Final Four team, Jeff understands the meaning of hard work and personal development. Despite his successes and breadth of experience, he remains humble always looking for opportunities to grow professionally. Thank you Jeff for all that you do for your community, Make-A-Wish, and your fellow Watertree Health Reps. We are so lucky to have such a star-player on our team!

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  1. Dennis Edwards says:

    This is an outstanding motivational piece. Jeff helps me to understand the goals and objectives of the company while exemplifying incredible passion and dedication to his craft.

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