Watertree Health MVP Spotlight: Cheryl Borstad

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CFullSizeRenderheryl Borstad, who lives in Chandler, Arizona, is known for her commitment to children. So it was no surprise, when she joined Watertree Health as a Representative, that she jumped at the chance to work on the program benefitting Make-A-Wish.

Like many parents, when Cheryl’s daughter Mikella was born, her priorities shifted and she sought ways to stay at home while still providing for her family. A more flexible work schedule allowed her to spend more time with her daughter and volunteer often at her school. The time she spent helping children led her to a career as a teacher.

Cheryl connected with Watertree Health when she moved to Arizona from Washington State, following her daughter who was accepted at college there. “Having the ability to help grant wishes and make prescriptions more affordable in my community is really a win-win. I go out every day and know I’m making a difference. I especially like that I’m helping moms who struggle to pay for the medicines for their children,” said Cheryl.

One of Cheryl’s most amazing stories is how she helped the person she normally counts on to help others. She has often heard from pharmacists how the card has helped their patients save money. In this instance, the pharmacist told her that she was personally grateful for the card. She was very anxious when she found out that her monthly medication would no longer be covered by her plan and was unsure how she would cover the cost. She was happy to report that the card is saving her hundreds of dollars a month, and she no longer has to consider cutting something essential from her household budget.WH_MVP_LOGO_web_small

“Cheryl is an integral part of my team that has granted three wishes so far to children with life-threatening diseases in Arizona,” said Dustin Arnold, Regional Manager of Watertree Health. “Thank you Cheryl for helping make these wishes come true. I look forward to watching you continue to grow,” said Shane Power, President of Watertree Health.

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