Trinity, 6, kidney disease

I wish to have an enchanted party 


Trinity, 6, life-threatening kidney disease, I wish to have an enchanted party (3)Trinity, who was diagnosed with kidney disease at birth, has lived a life of physician appointments, hospital stays, surgeries and treatments. She is legally blind and cannot speak. But none of this stops her from loving the things that many other little girls love – twinkle lights, bright colors, big sounds and the laughter of her family and friends.

When Trinity’s family was approached by Make-A-Wish® about granting a wish for her, they knew Trinity would love a big party with family and friends in a special place that is all about sights and sounds – the local Children’s Museum.

“Make-A-Wish created an ‘enchanted party’ at the museum for Trinity and her friends in the special needs community,” said Heather, her mom. “And the day was above and beyond our expectations without a doubt.”

Trinity, 6, life-threatening kidney disease, I wish to have an enchanted party (4)Trinity’s volunteers worked with the museum to close for a special half-day event just for Trinity. Her entire family and friends attended the event, which included therapeutic music, a photo booth with lots of props, a room for arts and crafts, a light show room and face painting.

“The light show room was very stimulating for Trinity as well as the room with music therapy,” said Heather. “And it was such a magical party where children and adults could all participate together. Make-A-Wish had organized special butter ies that the guests could write on so we could have forever keepsakes of Trinity’s wish experience,” Heather continued. “I loved that we were able to bring the magic home with us.”

According to Chelsey, one of Trinity’s wish granters, planning the wish was almost effortless and additional wish-granting volunteers showed up to help.

“By the end of the day, Trinity was worn out from all the excitement,” said Heather. “This party truly honored her life and meant the world to not only Trinity, but to me and all her friends and family as well.”

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