Shiliya, 10, blood disorder

I wish to have shopping spree in New York City


 Shiliya,-10,-hematologic-disorder,-I-wish-to-have-a-shopping-spree-in-New-York-City_South-Carolina-(2)Shiliya loves to shop. It was no surprise to anyone in her family when she told Make-A-Wish® volunteers that she wished to go on a shopping spree in New York City. On Oct. 23, her wish came true when she and her family set off to the Big Apple.

To start off her trip, Shiliya went to Times Square before visiting the 9/11 memorial. She also went to the Central Park Zoo. She saw sea life, birds, snakes, bears, snow leopards, seals and owls. She even had a chance to feed some of the animals, which was a special treat.

And then there was the shopping – from world- famous toy stores to department and specialtyShiliya,-10,-hematologic-disorder,-I-wish-to-have-a-shopping-spree-in-New-York-City_South-Carolina-(4) stores offering the latest fashions. Shiliya couldn’t wait to show off her new wardrobe to her friends back home.

Shiliya’s wish gave her a chance to step away from her illness. Instead of the constant concern about her blood disorder, she enjoyed indulging herself with new clothes … and modeling them for her family. She was, for once, the center of attention for a positive reason rather than her medical condition.


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