Noslin, 9, neurofibromatosis

I wish to dig for dinosaur bones


Noslin lives with neurofibromatosis, a rare genetic disorder, and has dealt with more doctors and hospitals than any child ever should.

Georgia, a Make-A-Wish® volunteer, found out that he’s interested in everything about dinosaurs. He has a great imagination and was eager to share his love of dinosaurs with her. “The genuine excitement in him as he was describing his wish was amazing. Although he’s faced with challenges living with a tough illness, he was completely immersed, coming to life just talking about the wish. You know he was coming from a place of pure joy,” she shared.

His dad, also named Noslin, said it was a dream come true. “He had so much fun. He actually got to dig for real dinosaur bones in Montana. It was great.” According to his dad, Noslin felt excited knowing that he was able to dig with real scientists for bones that would end up in a museum someday. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that he will remember forever.

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