Miles, 18

I wish to have college tuition 


Miles’ life changed dramatically after his diagnosis. He went from being an active teen who worked out every day, to spending most days in a hospital bed or his bed at home. As he was nearing the end of his treatments, he wanted nothing more than to return to ordinary teenage life. Miles knew focusing on the future and preparing for it was the best way to keep moving forward. He applied for college and wanted Make-A-Wish® to grant his wish of attending the University of California, San Diego (his first choice of colleges) come true.

Miles did get accepted and was presented with tuition toward UCSD, along with a backpack, some supplies to take to college with him, and a poster from one of his favorite movies that was signed by the writer/director! Miles and his family were very grateful to Make-A-Wish supporters and volunteers for going “above and beyond to make his wish extra special.”

Miles’ mother explained, “The experience and gift of Make-A-Wish kept Miles focused on his recovery and getting on with his life.” Miles now continues preparing for his future at UCSD.

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