Matthew, 13, congenital disorder

I wish to have a backyard play structure



Matthew’s wish to have a play structure provides him with a space to just be a kid, right in his own backyard.

Matthew has a congenital disorder that makes trips to the park challenging. With his new play set, he now has his very own space outside to play ad explore.

“He really loves going to the park, but it’s dif cult for us,” Matthew’s dad, Kevin, said. “We have two kids with special needs and one is medically challenged, so it’s harder for us to get out and about. I think having the structure in our own backyard has given Matthew and us a little bit of normalcy to have him out actually doing some running and playing with other kids.”

Matthew’s favorite part of the play structure is a special swing that allows him to lie back while swinging. He usually runs straight toward his swing when he goes outside to play.

Kevin said this wish is an example of being able to appreciate the simple things in life and celebrating small victories.

“We haven’t been able to toss the football around in the backyard or play catch,” Kevin said. “I haven’t been able to take him shing and teach him how to sh, but he has taught me so much more. He has taught us patience. He taught us how to enjoy the simple things in life – like swinging on the swing – and that being enough.”

“Having a wish granted, it’s a life- changing thing for families. Having this play structure allows Matt to go out and play. It gives him the opportunity to be normal.”

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