Make-A-Wish® & Watertree Health® Granting Wishes This Holiday Season and Beyond

This time of year, most children are busy writing wish lists to the North Pole and looking forward to winter break from school. They’ll spend the coming weeks enjoying holiday meals with their families, decorating the house, and maybe even playing in the snow.

For children who have been diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions, the holidays can be much different. This season, they’ll be subjected to endless doctor appointments involving a battery of tests, injections, x-rays, scans, and scary treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery. Even so, these brave young patients hold on to the holiday spirit and their most sought-after wishes.

Chris in uniform

Christopher, age 7, Smiling in his official police uniform

That’s where Make-A-Wish comes in. 

Make-A-Wish has been granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses at Christmas and all year round for nearly 35 years. It all began in 1980 when Chris, a 7-year-old leukemia patient, wished to be a police officer and wanted so desperately to “help catch bad guys.” Volunteers and a generous, caring community took action to make this little boy’s wish come true. Granting Chris’ wish was so successful that it sparked the start of the Make-A-Wish organization and a cascade of more than 250,000 granted wishes in the United States.

Since the day of that first wish, the charity’s efforts have impacted families across the world. A recent study by Make-A-Wish shows that children who’ve been granted their one true wish “feel stronger, more energetic, more willing and able to battle the fight against their illnesses.”

Throughout the past year, we at Watertree Health have been supporting Make-A-Wish and all of the joy it brings to wish kids. With the guidance of our President Shane Power, Watertree Health has become dedicated to aligning the two organizations in mission and purpose. As we continue to seek to improve people’s health by offering access to affordable prescription medications, Make-A-Wish is improving the health and wellbeing of young children and families by offering trips, experiences, and adventures that would have otherwise been impossible.

At the end of last year, Watertree Health launched a pilot program in three local Make-A-Wish chapters: Arizona, Central & Northern Florida and Nebraska. Each time a prescription is discounted using the card benefitting Make-A-Wish, 50-cents is donated to the organization. By doing nothing more than saving money on their prescriptions, people are helping to grant children’s wishes. Over the past year, Watertree Health has donated more than $90,000 to the three pilot Make-A-Wish chapters; because of the success of this initial program, we have now expanded to form a national alliance with Make-A-Wish. 

make a wish arizona

Elizabeth, 16, Cancer, “I wish to go to Hawaii”, Make-A-Wish Arizona

President Shane Power speaks for everyone associated with Watertree Health when he says, “We understand that it’s not just medicine that helps these wonderful children, it’s a positive outlook that gives them the courage to get better.  This larger sponsorship will help ensure more funds are allotted to help make more wishes come true.”

Make-A-Wish began because of one child’s wish. Now, on average, they deliver a wish every 37 minutes changing a child’s life forever. But they cannot fulfill their mission without the generous support of caring organizations, individuals, and communities. During this season of giving, we encourage you to include Make-A-Wish on your holiday shopping list. The organization needs financial support, hotel points, and frequent flier miles to help make wishes come true. But perhaps the easiest way to help is by downloading the prescription discount card benefitting Make-A-Wish at or requesting one be texted, mailed or emailed to you. You can also text WISH to 95577 or email

To make a direct donation, visit the Make-A-Wish website or contact your local chapter for additional information. For more information about Make-A-Wish, go to

Click the image below to get your card today.

Prescription Discount Card, Make-A-Wish

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