Leilani, 11, brain tumor

I wish to have gymnastics lessons


During her treatment for a brain tumor, Leilani’s physician advised that she would likely never be able to play sports again. However, that opinion did not stop her from asking for her wish – gymnastics lessons. Soon enough, with her physician’s approval, her wish was set in motion.

Leilani and her family started her wish day with lunch at a local restaurant and a backpack full of gymnastics gear. Afterward, they headed off by limo to the local gymnastics training facility.    

When Leilani arrived, welcome signs were posted in front of the building and in the main entrance. Her two instructors met her at the door, showed Leilani around the gym, and allowed her to pick out a leotard of her choice. She was very excited and couldn’t stop smiling throughout her gymnastics experience. It was a touching moment forLeilani’s family to see her active again in a sport that she had always wanted to try. Likewise, her instructors for this first day of lessons were excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with Leilani. 

Thanks to wonderful partners like Watertree Health, Leilani will be able to enjoy her wish experience over many days and realize a renewed level of activity as she receives gymnastics lessons for a full year and a special summer camp opportunity.

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