Kendall, 17, heart condition

I wish to have a masquerade ball 18th birthday party 


wish kid kendall birthday partyReaching a milestone like an 18th birthday means a lot to nearly every teenager. Kendall’s heart condition made it even more important to her – and she wished to mark the occasion with her family and closest friends with a masquerade ball-themed 18th birthday party.

Kendall’s wish began with a makeover, including an elegant up-do with perfect curls. From the moment she put on her ball gown, she was transformed into a princess. While getting ready, there was only one nal detail left: her intricate, silver masquerade mask. When Kendall arrived at her party, she was surrounded by friends and family members all wearing their beautiful masks. For her grand entrance into the ballroom, Kendall was carried in on a golden chariot t for a princess.

Kendall and her friends danced away the evening with the help of a DJ playing all their favorite songs. Of course no birthday party would be complete without a delicious cake! As Kendall blew out the candles on her three-tiered purple masquerade cake, she couldn’t imagine wishing for anything better than her party. The party brought Kendall’s friends and family members a night that they will always remember and photos to cherish for years to come.

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