Katie, 13, heart condition

 I wish to go to Hawaii 


Katie, 13, cardiac condition, I wish to go Hawaii_Indiana (5)Katie’s heart condition affects nearly every aspect of her life. It impacts even the most normal parts of her life, and prevents her from pursuing her love of running. She will eventually need a heart transplant.

Make-A-Wish® supporters, though, brought something positive into her life by granting her wish to go to Hawaii. For once, Katie was able to look forward to some real adventures … along with some warm weather. She went to a luau, took to the waves for parasailing and swam with dolphins.

Katie also made a visit to Pearl Harbor – but most of all, she was able to relax with her family. For once, they felt like just a regular family free from the usual stress or Katie’s heart condition.Katie, 13, cardiac condition, I wish to go Hawaii_Indiana (3)

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