Josue, 9, cancer

I wish to go on a shopping spree


DSCF6402Josue is a 9-year-old boy who loves playing video games. When Make-A-Wish® volunteers offered to grant his wish, he knew right away he wanted to go on a shopping spree!

On March 15,, 2015, a limo driver picked up Josue, his parents and cousin and gave them a luxurious ride to the mall for a full day of shopping. The first stop was to get his favorite video games, along with the newest technological gadgets and headphones. Next up was lunch to refuel, then it was off to the toy store, where he filled his cart with new toys and games. Josue got to go around and get all the building blocks and board games he wanted. The family had a fantastic day and the memories they made will last a lifetime!

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