Happy Tails: A New World For Atlas

Atlas was rescued by the local police at the end of May 2016. The two-year-old pit bull had suffered terrible cruelty at the hands of an abuser, and was brought to the ASPCA Animal Hospital for treatment. He spent nearly a month in the Hospital, during which time he also received a neuter operation, but he never once lost his sunny-sweet disposition. Staff noted that Atlas “loves every person he meets and loves to be pet”— and with his painful past behind him, he was soon ready to begin his search for a loving home.

At the ASPCA Adoption Center, Atlas’s sweet face helped him get the attention of Tricia R. “I decided to adopt a dog because I really missed having dogs around like I had growing up,” Tricia shared. She had just finished school and finally had the time and resources to care for a pup of her own. After making the adoption official, Tricia reported that Atlas “adjusted to life at home with lightning speed,” and that he and his feline brother Gus love to play together.

As if surviving abuse weren’t achievement enough, Atlas has more big plans for his future: soon he will officially begin training to become a therapy dog. Not only will this special pooch bring joy to his new adopter, but he’ll spread so much happiness to others as well—and prove once more that, no matter how dark the past, every single animal deserves a bright future.

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