Happy Tails: Fievel Goes Home

Gray kitten with light blue collar sitting next to two orange plant pots with green leaves coming out of them.

During the summertime stretch known as “kitten season,” animal shelters across the United States are inundated with thousands of homeless and newborn cats. Although more than 2,000 kittens come through our doors each year, some, like Fievel, require extra special care. Here’s his story.

happy-tail_fievel_081716_body1When Fievel arrived at the ASPCA in April, he was less than four weeks old and weighed only a single pound. Like the other newborn cats in our Kitten Nursery, he needed to be syringe-fed warm formula every two hours—both day and night—and to receive regular brushing with a toothbrush, drying with a gentle blow dryer and consistent socialization. But unlike the other kittens, Fievel also had Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, or FIV.

Although the prognosis for FIV-positive kittens is good—many clear the infection as they mature—we knew that Fievel’s weakened immune system and need for special care might make for a difficult road to adoption. Fortunately, by the end of May, he was healthy enough to begin his search for a home. That’s when we met Gabrielle L.

On Gabrielle’s first-ever visit to the ASPCA Adoption Center, she spotted Fievel and was immediately drawn to his spunky personality.

happy-tail_fievel_081716_body3Although she was intrigued by the kitten, she admits that he still had one final hurdle to overcome; “I’m allergic to some cats, so I went back a couple of times to check on him and see how I was reacting,” she says. At some point during the course of her visits, she fell in love.

In the months since his adoption, Fievel has continued to grow and thrive.

Gabrielle tells us, “He loves when I carry him,” and after all that he’s been through, we’re sure he must be happy that she’s the one who carried him home. 

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