Ethan, 11, cystic fibrosis

I wish to have a trailer


IMG_4471Family road trips are a rite of passage for many: car games, gas station snacks and an ongoing “are we there yet?” chorus from the back seat. But for 11 years, traveling anywhere has been nearly impossible for Ethan – until his one true wish was granted.

“My medical equipment was always an issue,” said Ethan, who was diagnosed with life-threatening cystic fibrosis at 10 months old. “I always wanted to be able to go on trips with my family, but it just wasn’t possible to bring everything in our car.”

That’s when Make-A-Wish® volunteers stepped in to grant Ethan’s wish for a new trailer for his family so they could finally have the capacity to store necessary medical equipment and embark on fun and unforgettable vacations together

“This wish means freedom for our family,” said Ethan’s mom, Melissa. “My younger son also has cystic fibrosis, and it would break my heart to have to say no whenever my kids wanted to travel. Now we have the opportunity to go every place we’ve always wanted and that is an amazing feeling.”

The moment Ethan saw his new trailer, he was speechless. The brand new trailer has special features to accommodate Ethan’s condition, including a stove, extra outlets for medical equipment and custom, larger bunk beds for Ethan and his brother.

Ethan has already created a wish list of places he wants to go in his new trailer, including Kartchner Caverns, Antelope Creek and the Grand Canyon.

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