Connor, 9, spinal muscular atrophy

I wish to go on a Hawaiian cruise


ohio_connor-in-dining-roomConnor’s struggle with spinal muscular atrophy makes it difficult for him to enjoy many of the little things in life. His treatments often overshadow every other part of his life.

Volunteers from Make-A-Wish® gave him a reason to be optimistic during their very first visit. They opened his world to all the possibilities of a wish experience. But Connor came back to just one wish: a wish for adventure, far-away places and freedom – a wish to go on a Hawaiian cruise.

Connor’s wish granters arranged a cruise full of activities, from glass-bottom boat tours to a visit to Pearl Harbor to playing on the beach. They even arranged a beach wheelchair to give him all the independence he wanted.

After his time in Hawaii, Connor returned home with renewed optimism. He had experienced his vision of life at its best, and lived moments that can help him stay strong through future challenges.


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