Alicia, 17, hematologic disorder

I wish to go to Paris

Alicia4When Make-A-Wish volunteer wish granters visited Alicia and asked what her one true wish was, she immediately shared with them her deepest desire to go to Paris. Alicia imagined seeing the Eiffel Tower, touring the city and soaking in the French culture.

Alicia’s Paris trip was scheduled for April 2013; however, she had a medical set back that required postponing her trip. It was a difficult time for Alicia having to wait over a year for her wish to be granted, but knowing that she would see Paris in the future helped her get through the long wait! Once her physician gave the clearance for her to go, the trip was on again and plans were quickly made to reschedule the wish!

Alicia, her parents and younger brother were taken to the airport in a limousine where they boarded a flight to Paris, France. Her wish was finally coming true and Alicia was ecstatic. She saw all the beautiful sights in Paris including the Eiffel Tower, Musée Grévin (wax museum) and the Louvre. Alicia said she had the time of her life and that it was an amazing experience she will never forget. Paris was as beautiful as she imagined and more. Her mother said they all had a great time, but just watching her daughter smile and really enjoy herself was the best part of the trip for her. Alicia hopes that one day she can help grant the wishes of other children and hopes to even move to Paris for a year!

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