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I wish to have a vehicle make-over


Driving in a new car has been Kolby’s dream ever since he can remember. He’s always imagined showing all his friends his new ride.

Kolby suffers from a type of brain tumor called primitive neuroectodermal tumor. Prior to his wish, Kolby had surgery to remove the tumor and has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for more than a year. When his grandfather told Kolby he would buy him a car, Kolby immediately knew that he would wish for a vehicle make-over from Make-A-Wish®. Sure enough, Kolby was given a 2009 Blue Dodge Charger.

With the help of Rose Auto Accessories in Blairsville, Kolby’s car was upgraded with a new stereo system, chrome hubcaps, headlights, custom seat covers and a paint job including a white racing stripe.

“When Kolby talked about his car, he lit up,” said Roger, an employee at Rose Auto. “It was obvious that it made him happy and helped him forget about his sickness.”

“We wanted to make sure that every time Kolby sits in the car that it’s a mini vacation for him,” continued Roger. “During the wish presentation, Kolby was shy at first, but when we removed the car cover he really came alive and was smiling from ear to ear.” Georgia_Kolby

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