Eat Like an Athlete, Perform at Your Best

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health… 

Dollarphotoclub_83677752This Olympic season, I’d like to remind you to try and make smart decisions regarding your food.  As a former professional athlete, I can assure you that the foods you eat and when you eat them affects your performance on and off the courts.  I still follow these guidelines:

In general, opt for a diet that is sufficient in healthy fluids, vitamins, minerals, “good” carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fat.  Make time to eat breakfast because it will encourage higher levels of memory, attention span and concentration – All wonderful traits for everyone, not just athletes.  Well-timed, nutritious meals will influence the way you learn, feel and perform no matter the situation.  Regular consumption of healthy fluids and food will positively affect your entire well-being.

A few other tips I’d like to share with you:

  1. Ban sugary drinks from your diet — including fruit juices, which can contain as much sugar as soda. Sugary drinks have been strongly associated with various health problems including heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  2. Eat food in its most natural state. Processed foods are empty calories full of unhealthy ingredients like refined grains and added sugar. 
  3. Use extra virgin olive oil — it is the healthiest fat, full of powerful antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. It’s heart-healthy and may lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Also, remember that necessary medication can be just as important to your overall health.  It is always a good idea to be compliant to the prescription schedule as directed by your doctor.  If you are not taking your drugs as instructed because of cost, check if a generic version is available or if your doctor can suggest ways to offset the drug cost.  The free Watertree Health Prescription Discount Card can also be a great help.

When you don’t take care of your health with proper nutrition and medication, it can affect your cycle of health. Improve your wellness.  Eat like a champ, perform like a champ!

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Letter To The Editor: Tampa Bay Times

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health… 

Re: Prescription drugs increasingly unaffordable for seniors, AARP study says” (Feb 29):
February 29, 2016

Dollarphotoclub_78249158Thank you for publishing the story spotlighting the relentless rise in prescription drug costs. According to the latest AARP study of price trends, these increases have accelerated since 2007 and there may be no end in sight.  In the past seven years, the annual supply of a prescription drug doubled to an average cost of over $11,000—approximately three-quarters of the average yearly Social Security benefit.

Seniors are not the only ones being impacted. More Americans than ever are taking prescriptions, with almost 60 percent of them relying on drugs associated with obesity, blood pressure and cholesterol regulation.  They need these medications to live better and healthier lives—regardless of cost.  As noted in the story, prices for over 600 commonly used drugs, including generics, rose 9.4 percent alone in 2013. Put into perspective, drug costs outpaced the 2013 general inflation rate six times!

We have to ask ourselves. Are we taking care of our older generations? Are we making it nearly impossible for them to retire and take care of themselves?  Is our  country’s health care system failing every one of us when people cannot afford their medicines necessary to live healthy, productive lives?   

Shane Power
President, Watertree Health

Watertree Health MVP Spotlight: Lee Waid

WFW MICHICAN 2 LEEContinuing Series…

Lee Waid, from Detroit, has been a Watertree Health® Representative for over 3 years, since November 22, 2012 to be exact. For Lee, this day is most memorable because it was the day that would change his life and his family’s lives forever. This month, March 2016, he is our all-deserving MVP.

There is never a shortage of kind words that can be said for Lee. He has made a profound impression on everyone in the company, from our Founders and President, to each individual Rep, experienced and new. Everyone at Watertree Health has heard about Lee Waid.

Today we’re taking the opportunity to tell you more about the incredible man who continuously raised the bar, making the impossible, possible out in the field. Not only has Lee achieved and maintained his position as number one Rep, but he has also contributed to the overall growth of Watertree Health and personally helped tens of thousands of people afford their medications.

Before Watertree Health, Lee had fallen on hard times financially. He also had experienced health issues that required costly medication. At the time, he was working door-to-door sales, living paycheck-to-paycheck and racking up medical bills on top of paying for very expensive medication. Lee was forced to split and ration the 5 pills prescribed a day until a pharmacy technician gave him a prescription discount card to ease some of the burden.

When he saw an ad online for a position at Watertree Health, he knew that this was his opportunity to give a personal testimony and help others afford the medicines they needed to get healthy. Lee dove right in, putting his whole heart and soul into helping others through Watertree Health.

“When Lee came on board, we were on the phone every day—his passion moved me. His primary goal was to make sure his community was being taken care of. He recognized the relationship between working and getting people the help they deserved,” said Trina, Lee’s Director.

“You have to put yourself in other people’s shoes. It’s easy for me to do because I went 8 years without insurance,” Lee shared.

During his 3 years with Watertree Health, Lee has formed a simple, yet powerful success model. “I run my business the way I want to be treated,” said Lee. He is a man who truly listens to other people, gives thoughtful advice, and constantly spreads love and encouragement to those around him. Whenever we get together as a company, he makes it a personal goal to spend time with everyone.

“I’ve always been a team player because I love the camaraderie at Watertree Health. It’s unique to have everyone on the same page. It’s almost too good to be true,” said Lee.

We’re just as lucky, if not luckier, to have found Lee. He continues to give and give, helping fellow Reps and offering his humble advice. Now, he will have the opportunity to share that advice with his own daughter, Renée, who is joining the team in Detroit.

“This job has been a saving grace for me and my family. My grandkids Garrett and Aubrey are my life. We’re going to Florida for 10 days for MLB Spring Training this month.”

Thank you Lee for all you give to your community, family, and our mission at Watertree Health. Although you’re one of the pioneers, we know this is only the beginning, and we look forward to what the future holds as we lock arms with you!

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